About Us

Procurechains is a registered company with operations across the globe.

Our software is a proven e-procurement solution provider which uses online tools to provide top-notch controls, savings and business efficiency to its clients.

Our software has helped many companies and organisations to effectively administer all type of procurement, manage suppliers and contracts with minimal effort.

Custom Approvals

Get full control over your company purchases to make sure correct purchases are made.

End-to-end Purchasing Workflows

Gain all-inclusive workflows for a profound process while avoiding any mistakes.

Vendor Management

Manage all of your vendors from one place as well as tracking your vendors performance.

Expenses Management

Gain full control of spending that happens on company credit cards as well as personal spending.


Value as a service

At Procurechains, our main obsession is to provide corporate value. Value to us is a service, it is more precious than any financial transaction. Value is measurable and quantifiable. We endeavour to offer the offer the best possible value to each of our clients at all times.

Customer oriented

At the core of all our business decisions is customer satisfaction. We focus on help each of our customers to meet their needs and wants through the use of our software. Our corporate objectives are customer oriented and our strategic approach is aligned to sustain customer satisfaction.